Creative Differences Marketing INC is a firm that develops tools that deliver the message of a business, product, service, organization, or personality using artistry to connect with a targeted audience. The “Creative Difference” is interpreting the message of a client and complimenting that message with a series of artistically focused tools that are designed to capture the imagination, heart, and mind of an audience. Using creativity to bring to life the ideas and vision of a client where most people see no connection to artistry is the bottom line goal of Creative Differences Marketing INC.


IN EXAMPLE: Professional service providers like accountants, tax attorneys, insurance agents, and public notaries all have for generations in mass used the antiquated business card yellow pages approach to market their business. If Creative Differences were to work with these clients to deliver their message a collection of written stories, video series, audio podcasts, specific graphic designs, and social media memes would be developed and delivered through a website/s, social media platforms, blog/s, and printed materials.  3d animators, graphic designers, creative writers, illustrators, music producers, film directors, photographers, and actors would all collaborate to capture and engage a story that speaks to the function of the professional service and the competitive advantage of using the service provider.

What is Creative Differences?

Creative Differences is your One-Stop Shop for connecting with existing customers and bringing in new customers. We want to use your organization’s goals, values, and difference/s to build effective marketing tools that convey your message to your audience.

What services/products do we offer?

The primary services we offer your business/organization are websites, videography, smart phone applications, sound reinforcement, and social media management. This mix of services will be led with the inclusion of artistry. as internal projects like the Detroit is Different blog create business opportunities for Creative Differences Marketing.